Exmouth's 1st LGBT Pride Event

>>> Posted by Shelley - 07/06/2015

A momentous occasion occurred on Saturday 6th June in the Manor Gardens, Exmouth. The first ever LGBT Pride picnic.

Rainbow balloons adorned the entranceway to this paradise of fun. Dubbed 'Rainbow day' by the many children I painted, this made me smile.

Celebrating the amazing diversity that exists in this small town and all the while raising awareness and much needed funds for the Stonewall Charity, who's work concentrates on eliminating bullying and discrimination for the LGBT communities.

From midday til 6.30pm, I painted faces, young and old without stopping for a break, the loo or lunch!! Hard work for sure, but it was all worth it for the happy faces I saw smiling at their reflections in the mirror when they saw themselves after being painted.

Along with bouncy castle fun there was body piercing, rainbow hats, rainbow flags, dancing, wine, cider and cheeky laughter along with plenty of musical entertainment.

I hope if you attended this marvellous event, you had a smashing time. Whatever your persuasion :)

Exmouth pride picnic 2015